Dishonor Photo Book

This 162 page photo book contains images captured throughout a playthrough of the video game "Dishonored: Death of the Outsider." Primarily an exercise in photography and book layout, I ended up sifting through over 500 screenshots to trim it down to around 200. I ran into other fun problem solving situations from disabling the majority of the HUD in-game to knocking out every NPC in a level and piling them all together in one room.

"One of the quirks of doing in-game photography is that the game is still functioning. That is, NPCs (non-player characters) are still roaming about and performing as though there isn’t a “tourist” waltzing around taking photos of their space. Because the majority of characters you run into are hostile and stopping them quickly is usually very violent, I opted to “clear” out the level of all the bad guys. An added quirk to this was that I had to do so non-violently on every level to avoid accidentally spoiling a scene with blood spatters and limbs.

In the case of the conservatory level, I ended up piling all NPCs in a corner room, out of the way. After piling up an entire level’s-worth of NPCs, my computer’s frame rate would plunge whenever I came into this room as it tried its hardest to render all the bodies and stack the sound of all of them snoring in unison."
Thank you!

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